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 What do WDM and BDA mean?
  BDA (Broadcast Driver Architecture) is a driver architecture developed by Microsoft for the use of TV and radio cards under Windows. It currently represents the latest standard. With the use of BDA drivers, the use of third-party software is possible. WDM (Windows Driver Model) is an older Windows driver architecture for the use of TV and radio cards under Windows.

 Can I use my budget® TV card also with the BDA software and the BDA drivers?
 Yes, under the operating systems of Windows from version 98 SE, this is no problem.

 Is my budget card working under Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8?
 Yes, an integration into 32bit and 64bit systems of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 is possible.
 Can I integrate my budget TV card into the Windows Vista Media Center?
  Yes, this is currently possible by using a third party tool. Even our TT-budget® 1500 and our TT-budget® T-3000 are integrable into the Vista Media Center by use of the BDA driver. Fore more detailed information, please contact our support hotline: +49 180/5728352.
  Can I integrate my budget TV card into the Windows 7 and Windows 8 Media Center?
  Yes, this is possible by using DVB-T, DVB-S or DVB-S2 products. Also, you can use the TT-budget CI in the Media Center. Therefor we offer special drivers on our homepage

 How can I use data services, internet via satellite?
  Currently, you need the WDM driver for data services. For our products, it is available in version 2.19. You can find the appropriate links for your product in the download area at DOWNLOAD

 Is analogue reception possible?
 Analogue reception is possible only with our terrestrial budget TV card TT-budget® T-3000.
 Are digital recordings possible?
  With the PCI cards, you may make recordings in MPEG or TS format (total stream). Storage space and format can be chosen in our software. Following, the recordings can be edited by video editing programs.
 Can I use third-party software?
  The use of third-party software is possible for all products that are operated with BDA drivers. Any use of third-party applications with a WDM driver is not possible.


 What is a software decoder?
  "A software decoder is a converter or transformer, which is integrated into your operating system in order to make television visible on the screen. A distinction is drawn between MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoders. MPEG-2 is basically used for DVB-S and C, while MPEG-4 is especially used in S2. The codecs to our products are always included in the desivery. Depending on the component of a computer, there are different codecs. There are audio, voice and video codecs. Codecs are constantly being extended to adapt them to the progressing transmission technology. "


 Can I integrate and use a different H.264 software decoder in your system?
  Currently, this is not yet possible due to licensing reasons. In the near future, this feature will also be available.
 Can I receive HDTV? 
 Yes, all budget® TV cards with the addition "S2" are HDTV ready.
 Can I record HDTV broadcastings with my budget TV card?
 Yes, but you have to ensure that sufficient memory resources are available.
 Can I use a universal remote control from a different manufacturer?
 This is not possible because there is no configuration code for TechnoTrend available.
 How many devices can I use at one PC?
  It is recommended to use 2 PCI cards of the same type. That means 2 premium® TV cards or 2 budget® TV cards. It is not advisable to mix because the budget® TV cards are working with different drivers.
 Can I use my device under Macintosh?
 At the moment, only the TV stick is supported by Macintosh.
 Can I use every common interface? 
   No. Due to the hardware support, only the optionally offered common interface of TechnoTrend is compatible.
 Can I use every CAM?
 Because of the multitude of available CAMs, TechnoTrend is not able to give a guarantee for the compatibility of any CAMs, thus problems may arise in individual
 I have a Hauppauge/TechniSat/... card, are these products supported by TechnoTrend? 
 TechnoTrend generally does not support products from other manufacturers because these cards have been produced only by order. Only the providing manufacturer is responable for support.
 What is the difference between software and hardware supported TV cards?
 When it comes to software supported TV cards, the computing power is completely generated by the processor of the PC. In regards to hardware supported TV cards, a big part of the computing power is generated by the TV card itself, which is a very big advantage in many applications.


 How do I adjust the sound of my budget® TV card?
 In this case, no separate adjustment is necessary because the tone will be picked up by the bus system of the PC. Please always take care of an up-to-date driver of the soundcard. You can find the date of the present driver in the Device Manager in the audio entry on the tab „driver“. Drivers can be found on the webpage of the provider of your sound card.
 Can I connect a Dolby Digital system to my budget® TV card?
 Not directly to the budget® TV card. You need a Dolby Digital-enabled sound card, which possesses appropriate connections.
 Can I use a longer SCSI cable for my common interface?
  Each commercial SCSI cable is compatible. However, we recommend a maximum length of 30 cm.


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