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 What does USB mean?
  "USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. This interface is a standard at PCs since the late 90s. There is a distinction between USB 1.0, USB 1.1 and USB 2.0. USB 1.1 offers a theoretical bandwidth of 12MBit/s while USB 2.0 allows for theoretical 480MBit/s. USB is suitable for many devices such as mass storage devices (like hard disk, floppy disk, DVD drive), printers, scanners, webcams, mouse, keyboard, but also dongles and even graphic cards and monitors. Some devices, such as USB memory sticks, have been only made possible with USB. USB can be used for devices with low power consumption such as mouse, telephones, keyboards, but also some CIS scanners, or some 2.5"HDD hard disks."

 Do TechnoTrend USB 1.1 products work under Windows Vista and Windows 7?
 Currently, no TechnoTrend USB 1.1 products are supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  What do WDM and BDA mean? 
  WDM and BDA are driver names. A WDM driver consists of the actual driver data and an application, combined in one package. The BDA driver contains only the driver data without an application. This allows you to use third-party programs such as ProgDVB or DVBviewer as well as our own program: TT Media Center.
  How can I use data services, internet via satellite?
  Currently, you need the WDM driver for data services. For our products, it is available in version 2.19. You can find the appropriate links for your product in the download area.
 Is there a USB box with Common Interface (CI)? 
   The TT-connect S2-3650CI and the TT-connect CT-3650CI offers an integrated CI.
  Can I use Dolby Digital with USB boxes? 
 The USB-boxes do not offer a Dolby Digital output. But in the delivered TT-Software, Dolby Digital can be emulated.
 Can I use a USB hub? 
  This is not possible because the bandwidth will be divided and is thus no longer sufficient for digital television. A USB 2.0 host and a USB 2.0 hub are always communicating with high speed, even if low or full speed devices are connected to the hub.
 Can I use a different power supply unit? 
  We do not recommend the use of a different power supply unit because the USB boxes have received their CE label only with original parts. When using a different power supply unit, the guarantee expires.
 Is analogue reception possible? 
 Is digital reception possible
 All USB boxes support digital TV reception.  
 Are digital recordings possible?
 With the USB boxes, you may make recordings in MPEG or TS format (total stream). Storage space and format can be chosen in our software. Following, the recordings can be edited by video editing programs.
 Can I use third-party software?
 The use of third-party software is possible for all products for which BDA drivers are available. A very good, free alternative program is ProgDVB.
 Do the boxes work under Windows Media Center 2005? 
  The Windows Media Center supports only DVB-T. In order to guarantee integration, TT-MCE tools have been made available by TechnoTrend. These allow the usage of the frequencies of DVB-T for DVB-C and DVB-S. DVB-S2 is not possible.
 Do the boxes work under Vista Media Center? 
 The Vista Media Center supports only DVB-T. In order to guarantee integration, the TT-MCE tools will be adapted in the near future in order to run under Vista. These allow the usage of the frequencies of DVB-T for DVB-C and DVB-S. DVB-S2 is not possible.
  Do the boxes work under Windows 7 Media Center?
  Yes, the Windows 7 Media Center supports DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-S2. Also, it´s possible to integrate the TT-connect CI into the Windows 7 Media Center. Therefor we offer special drivers on our homepage
  What is a software decoder?
  "A software decoder is a converter or transformer, which is integrated into your operating system in order to make television visible on the screen. A distinction is drawn between MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoders. MPEG-2 is basically used for DVB-S and C, while MPEG-4 is especially used in S2. The codecs to our products are always included in the delivery. Depending on the component of a computer, there are different codecs. There are audio, voice and video codecs. Codecs are constantly being extended to adapt them to the progressing transmission technology. "
 Can I use a universal remote control from a different manufacturer?
 This is not possible because there is no configuration code for TechnoTrend available.
 Can I receive HDTV? 
  „HDTV is a collective term that names a series of television standards that are characterized by an increased resolution compared to standard TV. In principle, HDTV can be broadcasted in MPEG-2 (DVB-S + DVB-C) and MPEG-4 (DVB-S2). In Germany, almost all HDTV programs are broadcasted via MPEG-4/DVB-S2. Therefor, a DVB-S2 device is needed. The codecs are provided together with the appropriate device. HDTV is also available with DVB-C (it depends on the provider of your cable ystem) and therefor, you can use suitable products of the brand TechnoTrend. HDTV can create excellent graphics, provided that you have a modern PC. The required hardware for our products can be found on our website in the product details. "
 How many devices can I use at one PC?
  For HDTV, due to the enormous demand on resources, not more than one device should be used. For SDTV, depending on the capacity of the computer, one or two devices can be used.
 Can I use my device under Macintosh?
 At the moment, only the TV stick is supported by Macintosh.
 Can I use every CAM? 
 Because of the multitude of available CAMs, TechnoTrend is not able to give a guarantee for the compatibility of any CAMs, thus problems may arise in individual cases.
 I have a Hauppauge/TechniSat/... product, are these products supported by TechnoTrend? 
  TechnoTrend generally does not support products from other manufacturers because these cards have been produced only by order. Only the providing manufacturer is responable for support. In individual cases, when the product is of identical construction, a support via email is possible.


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