Their partner for PC-products of the brand
Their partner for PC-products of the brand TechnoTrend
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Mit DVBlink zum smarten „Medien-Home“
  Live-TV at SmartPhone, Tablet,PS3 etc.
Create your own smart „Media-Home“ with DVBLink


Switch your NAS into a TV server!

With „DVBLink“ software you are easily able to use your TechnoTrend USB product completely on your NAS. So you can record your favorite TV programs in original quality directly to a hard disk of your NAS or your PC.
DVBLink also supports the Common Interface Slot (CI) of your USB box. So you can decrypt and watch pay-TV with a current pay-TV sub.
The whole TV content will be available in your home network by using DVBLink software. So you can watch live TV on your SmartPhone, Tablet, PC, Laptop, PS3 and many more.
Further information about how to use our products on your NAS you will find at the following link:
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Watch DVB-C channels in Windows Media Center

  With „DVBLink“ software you are also able to use DVB-C products in Windows Media Center.
 Read more about DVBLink software… 
 NAS supported products:
DVB-C products for Windows Media Center:

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